February 2016


Imbalanced is a project I have been working on since early 2015. It is a project that I started when I began treatment for mental health disorders. I started the project as a way of tracking how I felt throughout the process and as a way to reflect on my progress over time. The project is ongoing, however in time I would like to compile the images along with some writing into a printed book to reflect the journal like nature of the work.


This is a project that I started at the beginning of the summer in 2015. The idea behind it was to photograph a series of images depicting the lives of people in their early 20s. I wanted to explore the reality of what life is like by photographing all elements of life including the high points as well as the low points. The project was shot on 35mm colour film and I switched throughout the project between using disposable cameras; to create imperfect photographs as well as using a 35mm SLR camera. Since completing the series of images I have compiled them into a zine and I used this for one of my University projects last year.


Photographer based in Brighton.
All of my work is created using film...